Cherry’s Festival of Sefrou

Sefrou town is about twenty-eight kilometers of the city of Fez in the heart of the Middle Atlas Mountains, is a city under the jurisdiction of Fez, famous for Sefrou city’s oldest folk festival in Morocco call it love or Kings Festival Cherry Festival.

The first fruit Cherry Festival was conducted, the love of Kings Festival, the city of Sefrou in 1920, where advancing girls in the spring of their youth to run for the Queen of Cherry title, are chosen queen Cherry addition to the bride and the bride Arab Berber an annual tradition in the city.

Ranging celebrations for between three days and four days, this annual festival is held at the end of picking fruit Cherry in Morocco season. And it symbolizes the Miss Cherry to live in the city between Jews and Muslims, as it was to run in the competition Muslims and Jews and Christians. But after most of the Jews immigrate to Israel, the end of the French occupation of Morocco, who left with him most of the Christians from Morocco, was limited to run for Miss Cherry on Muslim girls, especially from the local population. But in recent years the festival has become an international voice, especially with the annexation in 2008 by UNESCO to immaterial World Heritage, where he has become a global media coverage, as many international and national channels have become longer interested on the city and the festival. With Nights festival has become a major Nightlife celebrated by many Moroccan artists, and concerts are held on the Square Bab al-Maqam months Sefrou city gates.

The procession of the Queen of Cherry is the most important events of the festival, as it kicks off the procession, which includes the popular teams in the city and also folk ones in addition to the display of traditional industries available to the city. And scouring the procession which across the Kings Mohamed V Avenue in Sefrou, to end the procession crowned Queen of Cherry by the President of Sefrou City Council and a scarf written on it, “Cherry’s Queen”

The festival is a source of low profits for the city as tourism and the city’s economy to recover it dramatically, and take advantage of many foreign tourists period of their presence in Fez late June, most of them who shall visit the nearby city of Fez.

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