Fez and Handicraft

The city of Fez is known, like Moroccan cities Marrakech, Agadir and Chefchaouen, by traditional industry. The Moroccans still use in their homes authentic Moroccan sofas away from the European trendy.

The timber uses engineering and structural shapes inherited from centuries old, but the materials used and the equivalent of plants now replaced chemical powder. The cotton products and high-quality linen and wool made from the city of Fez, one of the greatest textile centers in the world. Where mothers bequeathed her daughters embroidery arts and sewing rules.

And it surrounds the city of Fez fountains and public fountains and wash basins and baths Moroccan, form a network endless sources of water that filled the city’s voice BOUREGREG margin. The tank is a school which was built in the fourteenth century, during the era Marinid, offering the perfect images of ornate buildings of the bourgeoisie, this petition fountain adorn the arena and that form symmetrical with destinations Panel fantastic. Even atheist century solutions, influenced by the city of Fez technically, who came from Tunisia, and in the reign of the king of marabouts, who became later the founders of Muslim Spain, has resulted in the mixing of Spanish and Islamic civilizations to the city affected by the Moroccan Islamic art with Tuaz Andalusians artists.

The architectural decoration has reached its peak during the era Marinid, and reflected in the distinctive schools, so it has become Fez second largest civilized cities and embraced the Islamic Moroccan art after the city of Granada, and since that time has become the Fez their faith private centers, which have kept contact with the capital Andalusian, and Although the Spanish capital, the Islamic Granada’s disappearance, but that Fez has retained decorative forms inherited from the fourteenth century. And maintained the architectural and decorative homogeneity, as wood carving peaked as he used the cedar wood that brings from the nearby forests. This trade, which invaded Morocco was evidence of a great culture and creativity frilly loud.

Through the ages famous Moroccan city honored many industries, which cemented the role of traditional Fassi manufacturer and make it contributes to the Moroccan economy, and even that the Moroccan trade and exports to the outside of the traditional industry spread flourished in recent times, I greet you see some special global positioning trade as Ebay and AliExpress, shopping and dramatically for many Moroccan Almottagat Kalplgh and takchita robes and kaftans … to other products of the hands of the Moroccan manufacturer.

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