Fez best tourist destination for 2016

Managed the city of Fez coronation as the best tourist destination for the 2016 Jeep Tourism site specializing in travel and tourism in central through an opinion poll carried out by site visitors for the benefit of tourists.

He knew the poll partnership with the National Office for Tourism and also with the national institution for tourism, and he participated in the poll, 95 thousand and 473 people from 37 different countries, in the period between July and the conqueror of the eighteenth of the month of September.

The results of the poll, which was held for the second glance respectively crowned by choosing point of the Middle Atlas and especially the city of Fez as the best Hah tourist in Morocco, including rate of 27.33 percent, while replaced the Nordic region or what is known Eab Nord in second place, including rate of 21.11 percent, while the Kingdom’s southern region, especially coastal along came in third place, including representing 21.09 per cent.

It will deliver the best tourist destination this year’s award, i.e in 2016, to the local authorities in Fez and also to tourism representatives in the region and General Manager of the National Office of Tourism, and also to the national federal tourism officials, during next October at a ceremony will be organized in partnership with the ministry concerned will be known Kaddour many influential figures in the field of tourism.

It should also be noted that the Kingdom of Morocco’s southern region, has been selected last year as the best tourist destination of Morocco, the oases and the Atlas opinion polls to be produced in fourteen and two thousand as the best tourist destination, where he was for the city of Ouarzazate, known Bholyod Morocco to provide the largest film center in Africa, the city’s the lion’s share of the votes of the participants in the poll.

These results are, proof of what characterizes the various regions of the Kingdom of tourist qualifications cultural and socioeconomic make it the best African tourist destinations, as each region peculiarities make them individually from the rest areas, the thing that puts in the hands of the tourist, each according to his taste, and every according to its capabilities.

It is noted that in each year, Tourism provides a central location, the Moroccan tourist destinations, and displays it on the website of tourists to choose the best, according to the division of the Moroccan baritone who arousing the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.

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