Fez EL Bali


The old quarter of the city of Fez was founded in 809 by the dynasty of Idrissides. Kept in the authentic medina contains the history of the city, its traditions and customs. In the browsing, visitors certainly discover the Andalusian mosque and the Karaouine mosque. Fes El Bali, the name carried by the medina, almost brings together 10,000 lanes, smaller one than the other in which it is easy to lose yourself to be guided by the noise and turmoil of trade, by the smells of the souks particularly those tanners and dyers as well as the beauty of the monuments. To see the heart of the old city: the tanneries, Karaouiyine mosque, which has also given its name to the neighborhood, madrasah (Islamic school) El Attarine and its bronze door and the sanctuary Idrisss II – Zaouia Moulay – considered the founder of the city.

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