Fez Sacred Music Festival

It is considered the spiritual music festival of the largest spiritual music festivals at the global level, and organizes regular in the Moroccan city of Fez. Attended by the biggest singers artists and groups of spiritual and religious music from all over the world. The festival is held in the most famous historical sites in the city on Khcbat Bab Makina and site of Volubilis and also Batha Museum.

The first festival was held in the sixth year of the third millennium in 2006 and exactly in the sixth month of the same year, and knew the presence of French Culture Minister Renaud Donnedieu then. The festival is held to the goals of sublime centered in the development of a culture of dialogue between the different cultures of the world and make music a spiritual tool to communicate between them.

After the festival, considered the city of Fez global Mikdanh of tolerance, coexistence and friendship between different religions, especially between Christians and Muslims and Jews, so untapped dimension Andalusian city where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together without distinction.

The city of Fez city famous for its hospitality and generosity, and has become a centralized cultural exchange, for example, Pope Sylvester II, he created a school in the city in the prime of his youth, where he was credited in the importation of Arabic numerals to Europe, as the doctor was the great Jewish Alvellsopp Maimonides among teachers villagers at the University of reflecting the coexistence that prevailed among the residents of the city of Fez from different religions.

Of the highlights of the flags that were recorded in Fez during the eras of cultural extension are, for reference: Sufi specialist knowledge beyond “Ibn Arabi” Nature (died in 1377) and the sociologist, “Ibn Khaldun” (v = 1382) and a mathematician “Ibn al-Banna (d. = 1321).

University of villagers includes a rich treasury of manuscripts associated with the religious, philosophical and natural science and cosmology. It was jurists, by virtue of family tradition handed down to pursue an acquisition or personal, have especially a great deal of importance libraries. There is a market for manuscripts still holds to this day, and can be found on the Lafraid some rare and precious, and takes place every morning in a driveway adjacent to the University.

Sacred Music Festival attracts different cultures of the world and still, Deluxe cycle was in honor of Indian music, and I knew the presence of the wife of the King of Morocco, King Mohammed VI and mother also president of the State of Qatar.

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