Fez is a touristic city by excellence

Fez is a Moroccan city located on inside the mountains of the Middle Atlas, just sixty kilometers from the city of Meknes and thirty kilometers from the city of Sefrou, and the city is one of the global cities, where dating back twelve centuries, the city is currently the cultural and spiritual capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, and it is one of the four poles of Morocco as Rabat, Casablanca and Tangier, and also is the capital of the new point of Fez-Meknes.

Founded city of Fez, to the eighth century AD, at the hands of the Lord Idris II, who fled from the swords of the Abbasid Arab, he settled in Morocco, where Berbers made him the lord to take over its affairs, He founded the city of Fez and the large state where stood at the center of the whole of Morocco, was Idrisid state is the first political state know Morocco, and its capital was the city of Fez.

Famed city of Fez to build the first university in the world, at the hands of Fatima Afihrih, Al-Karawyin University sheltering them asylum forensic science from all Islamic electrodes. To this day, this university is still a symbol of civilization and the Moroccan deep history of the Kingdom of. Besides, famous for the ancient city of Fez, where one of the oldest old Moroccan cities, it contains more than ten thousand alley, or what is called in Morocco Baldrob narrow. Fez city fascinated with the stunning beauty, the city Tourists fascinated with water hourly stationed months Fez schools, which are still running technique unknown until now, Buinaniya school, which contains a pretty silo construction and decoration. As is the Art Museum, which contains a set of ancient wooden sculptures and ancient works, of the most beautiful buildings of the ancient city of Fez, it is known Bosalth and ancient history. As we mentioned earlier, it can be visiting the city of Fez to the tourists visiting the Mosque of the villagers, with domes, arches and religious inscriptions, he is a mosque is characterized by simplicity in the architecture, decoration and construction, and is one of the best of Moroccan architecture created during the reign of marabouts.

As for modern architecture, the Royal Vakasr is one of the highlights of which are tourist Bhetwavz large, it combines tradition and modernity in the way of decoration doors and walls.

Star Palace is also among the major tourist attractions of the city, it contains a large collection of ornaments collected from different regions of the globe, Vtkoanh component of the mixture of old Moroccan traditional arts and decorations and ancient carvings, earned him a civilized and cultural reputation for eye-catching.

As is the Batha Museum of the most important and largest Moroccan museums, Vtv Batha featuring Andalusian design Moroccan authentic, Fsairh enjoyed in the gallery of the old Moroccan books of copies of the Koran and wrote a modern interpretation of the Covenant Almohad and Almurbati, and in another corner of Morocco ancient weapons, and the corner of carpets from different regions of Morocco, Kalzerbah Zaianah, Aharizah carpet, carpet ligamentous … as some of the Staff, Vthtoa a large collection of old ornaments Moroccan, Berber and Jewish ornaments … as you know some of the Chiefs of the presence of Moroccan craft of wooden utensils and machines for plowing of the colonial era.

So The city of Fez is one of the major tourist cities of the Kingdom of Morocco, as it receives each year more than a million foreign tourists, but receive such a large number of tourists by some residents of the ancient city of Fez Attaghiz their sports and convert them to the homes of harboring foreign tourists with worldwide preferential. You will find articles on our website many articles on ancient or what is termed in Riyadh Moroccan homes.

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