History, culture and traditions of Fez

Often referred to as the cultural capital of the kingdom, the city of Fez seduce tourists with its architectural, historical and intellectual! The influence of the city began in the Middle Ages, Fez owned “four imperial cities”. The city received Morocco’s capital status since its creation in 789. It retained this title until 1069 when the Almoravids elect Marrakech capital of the kingdom.
Fez regain strength and dynamism through Mérénides that will transform Fez haven intellectual elites. The university Qaraouiyne becomes famous first higher education institution in the world. This growing city history was honored in 1980 when the city should obtain the rank of World Heritage of UNESCO.
Tourists appease their thirst for discovery and access by browsing the many museums and the many monuments, extremely well preserved. The Medina, the oldest in the world, is a must.
Fez medina side or side new city?
Fez is divided into two entities: the old and the new city. The spiritual capital of Morocco is primarily known to tourists for its medina, one of the most beautiful in the world: that is why we willingly seek to stay directly in the historic center, which is largely possible thanks to many riads who are established.
The riads are emblematic accommodation option of a stay in Morocco: a historic setting, the quiet patio to get out of the bustle of the medina, the presence of guests and Moroccan cuisine at every meal … a quality riad gives all their splendor to stay!
It is therefore not hesitate to study well the offers on the internet before booking any riad All Fez addresses are not equal, there are excellent but in some cases it is enough being dissapointed.
Fez also has many hotels located in the new city: the context is obviously more modern, not found it yet … comfortable level charm addresses offering good facilities (pool, restaurant …) alongside institutions much poorer: again, check before you book, the quality of a stay in taking a hit in a bad hotel. The proximity of the medina is often a factor to take into account to avoid too many trips by public transport.

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