Museums in Fes

Dar Batha Museum is located in the heart of the medina, opposite the beautiful Bou Inania, before becoming a museum in 1915, the building was a beautiful palace of Arab-Andalusian style, built by Moulay el Hassan at the end nineteenth century. This museum is full of treasures reflecting the traditional art of Fez and its region. Wood carved menu, embroidery, zellige, wrought iron, jewelry, coins, carpets ….. The wealth of craft Fassi is saississante! These are many collections of Dar Batha Museum one of the most interesting and compelling Moroccan museums during your visit to Fez. The main attraction of this museum lies in the amazing collection of ceramics and pottery, the most beautiful of the country. It is famous for its blue color we call “blue of Fez”, this color is obtained from cobalt.

Magnificent building which was built according to the Moroccan historian Al naciri by Sultan Moulay Ismail in 1711, the fondouk consists of three levels and comprises 51 rooms, they mainly served commerial center and warehouse for valuable goods appartenent the Makhzen . Historical monument in 1916, the compléte restoration in 1990 and ends in 1996. It now houses a wood of Art and Crafts Museum run by the founder Mohamed Karim lamrani and others for all Nejjarine which aims to save the memory of traditional wood craft and testifying of the Museum’s history through the art of wood. Its fountain is one of the finest public fountains in the Medina of Fez.

Borj north is very high in 1588 north of Fez in Morocco, on the order of Sultan Ahmed Al Mansur whose plan is inspired by the architecture of Portuguese fortresses of the sixteenth century. It was one of the city’s largest monitoring stations in Fez and was also used as cannon factory. Square, the four corners are equipped with 4 bastions shaped spearheads. Having served as a barracks and then prisson time protectoral the French, the monument houses since 1963 Arms Museum.

Its funds ethnographic trace the history of the craft Fassi since XVTH century through jewelry, costumes and other objects of daily life.

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