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Back more than 12 centuries, Fez is certainly the city with the most marked Morocco. The oldest of the four imperial cities was the center of the kingdom for many centuries. The religious elite, intellectual and policy was formed there until the early twentieth century.
Known throughout the Muslim world, Fez has always radiated on the architectural and religious. With many restorations it has received, the city has managed to preserve its palaces, ramparts, mosques and madrasahs. It remains one of Morocco’s gems!

Finally, lovers of oriental art will appreciate the many museums in the city, perhaps the most beautiful of the country.
City tour

The long history of Fez reached different stages in the construction of the city. Today, Fez consists of three distinct parts: Fes el Bali, Fes el Jedid and the new city.

There is so much to see in Fez it is impossible to offer a course that would see the whole city, even going beyond their key monuments. Also, we prefer to present the various interesting parts of the city. You choose according to your desires and your stay in the imperial city.

Founded in the eighth century, the medina (old town) is called Fes el Bali. This area has a rich architectural heritage that has grown steadily until the eighteenth century. Traditional souks are found, mosques, madrasahs, tombs and palaces that characterize old Moroccan cities. Note: Fes el Bali is also made of a district of the Andalusians to be treated separately.

In the thirteenth century, the dynasty of Mérinides thing and decided to build an imperial city in the city, southwest of Fes el Bali. The incredible Fez el Jadid was born. royal palaces, gardens, baths, mosques … nothing is too good for this new dynasty gives a new dimension to Fez.

Finally, the establishment of the French protectorate in 1912 marks the beginning of a modernization of the city. A new town was built with wide boulevards and brand new buildings. It is located southwest of Fez el Jadid.

Useful information

There are many pseudo guides in Fez. Some are children of 12 years. Very stubborn, they are able to follow you a long time talking to you. Fortunately, the police created for the protection of tourism is particularly effective in Fez and arrests fake guide are numerous in recent years.

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