Riyadh of Fez

Definition of Riyadh
Riyadh is considered as a kindergartens of the buildings which is famous in the Kingdom of Morocco, a building consisting mostly of two floors, the first floor consists of the side rooms, and in the center, we find a small garden and fountain, while the second floor consists of small rooms and windows overlooking the garden. The second floor rooms are hotel rooms wonderful cool in the summer and heated in the winter time, while the first floor rooms are dedicated to eat and relax.
The origination of Riyadh
At the present time the bulk of Riyadhs contains small pools on the first floor, while the surface is devoted to relax under the golden sun rays.

The emergence of these buildings for the first time in the city and follows existing state Idrisid, ie, the first Islamic state ruled Morocco since twelve centuries, but these buildings resisted modernity and to become one of the most beautiful and the most famous places that tourists can assess them when his sojourn in Morocco and exactly some areas like Fez, Marrakesh and Agadir …

Inspired by Moroccan design kindergartens architecture of traditional Damascene houses maize historical, Flemya, the heritage of this architecture moved across Idrisid from the Levant to the Maghreb and Morocco in particular, and then transferred to Andalusia until they reached Italy, to form beyond blocks traditional Italian architecture, and then transferred to the the south of France as well. To yell Moroccan kindergartens among Alamarah which combines Islamic and Arab and Amazigh as it is in one house when you can breathe Mediterranean light smell, taste and eat delicious Amazigh plats, your eyes and enjoy the picturesque Islamic architecture.

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