Science and culture between Fez and Andalus

The use of brick is rather limited, and frequently use the old him round shape and painted in green on the doors and on the Corniche, which culminates Jdhiran yard and the roofs of mosques.

Fez has been known as a center of spiritual and religious world for nearly a thousand, wherein many minarets and angles and diwaniyas, in addition to the shrines and shelters, sources have confirmed that the whale Fez until the sixteenth century, about seven hundred dedicated place of worship approx. The city was the center of the doctrine of the Sunni al-Maliki, and the Mosque of the villagers has become based and is located in the western sector of the city of Fez, in a place called Kairouanese, this mosque can accommodate more than twenty thousand worshipers, and is the arena the largest in the Muslim world, has turned to the University attracted students from all over Morocco to search for culture, wisdom and piety, and the educational system there on the old tradition depends on the comprehensiveness and public knowledge. So far, this system still follow the religious universities that are trying to keep up with the current era.

At the beginning of the first half of the fourteenth century, the children built Marin seven schools, and those universities characterized Bamartha bearing evidence of the authenticity of their rulers, and in the same era Bouanane School formed a combination of architectural Bmsadjadha, and clocks on the wall famous, was so named in recognition of which the Prince of Bouanane who built it, the largest and most beautiful in the era of the rule of Meridinide, was decorated with wood carved and Alastico and Moroccan motifs.

Prince Bouanane wanted the good of the people, he built this school as a kind of charity, which is one of the five pillars of Islam. It was with the cultural role of religious institutions are looking forward to him McCann King, the delegation to those students from all social backgrounds who Hazro rural and city schools. The school Student Day is focused on educational studies and chapter begins in the early morning after the prayer, and includes subjects religious interpretation and the Prophet’s biography and science Fiqh materials, and rules as well as mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and medicine materials, taught also depends educational method in Kan on SAVING and recall allocated to each of the paragraphs student, and the student gets in addition to the education room and board scholarships and grants sometimes, to help him end his studies.

And it surrounds the city of Fez fountains and public fountains and wash basins and baths Moroccan, form a network endless sources of water that filled the city’s voice BOUREGREG margin. The tank is a school which was built in the fourteenth century, during the era Marinid, offering the perfect images of ornate buildings of the bourgeoisie, this petition fountain adorn the arena and that form symmetrical with destinations Panel fantastic. Even atheist century solutions, influenced by the city of Fez technically Balavriqian, who Ato from Tunisia, and in the reign of the king of marabouts, who became later the founders of Muslim Spain, has resulted in the mixing of Spanish and Islamic civilizations to the city affected by the Moroccan Islamic art with Tuaz Andalusians artists. The architectural decoration has reached its peak during the era Marinid, and reflected in the distinctive schools, so it has become Fez second largest civilized cities and embraced the Islamic Moroccan art after the city of Granada, and since that time has become the Fez their faith private centers, which have kept contact with the capital Andalusian, and Although the Spanish capital, the Islamic Granada’s disappearance, but that Fez has retained decorative forms inherited from the fourteenth century. And maintained the architectural and decorative homogeneity, as wood carving peaked as he used the cedar wood that brings from the nearby forests. This trade, which invaded Morocco was evidence of a great culture and creativity frilly loud.

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