Things to see and do in Fez

Fez: for a change of scenery!
Respect for local customs and traditions is essential during your stay in a foreign country. A visit like Fez is no exception to this rule. If you share a meal with the Moroccans, we must especially avoid eating with the left hand. Accept an invitation to drink tea is one of the best ways to sympathize with them. It is also strictly forbidden to enter a mosque to non-Muslims. Remove shoes at the entrance of some houses, especially when pairs are aligned outside, is required.
Fes is a city with diverse cultural and historical heritage, including the Batha Palace, the El-Qaraouiyyîn Mosque, the Mosque of the Andalusians … The souks of Fez are unique. The souks D’s Attarine are conducive to purchase spices and henna, plus the Souk Ech Chabine delivering mixtures of authentic fragrances and perfumes. Moroccan crafts offer a wide selection of souvenirs to take Fez to Example babouches, djellaba, carpets, scarves.
Visit the tanneries Guernize Blida and to discover unparalleled expertise though strong odors emanating places are unpleasant. The city houses the oldest and largest medina in the world. The builders of Fez el-Bali were Idrissids.
Between Mederssa (schools), Bab (old doors), mausoleums and museums, you’re not going to sit idly by, because there is much to do:
Dar Batha Museum: This museum was built in the nineteenth century. It houses several popular Art exhibitions (carpet, jewelry …). The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions sometimes. Open every day except Tuesday from 8:30 am to 12 am and from 14h30 to 18h. The entrance is around EUR1. Address: Abubakr Ibn Al-Arabi, Fez -Tel: +212 35634116.
Madrasah Bou Inania: This is the largest and nicely decorated between madrassas (schools) of the city of Fez. Built in the fourteenth century, it was also a library for students revise their examinations. Hours: daily from 8:30 am to 12h and 14h to 17h30.
The mausoleum of Moulay Idriss mausoleum is built from start to finish in the alleys. It has 7 gates that allow access only to Muslims.
Bab Semmarine: is at the end of street and Merinids Sekkarine. You will discover many souks where craftsmen and traders display their merchandise. Admission is EUR 1 approximately.
Well-filled holiday in Fez
Between the visit of cultural heritage and discover the natural wealth of Fez, you have something to fill your holiday in the city. These tourist attractions are obviously associated with activities and on this point, you do not run out of things to do. Be seduced by the double face of Fez: the new town built after World War II and the old city that houses among others the Andalusian district, famous for its many buildings, including the mosque.
To also visit Fez, souks of course, characteristic of Moroccan cities where you have the opportunity to enjoy and buy obviously handicrafts. The nature lovers can take the direction of Azrou for a walk in the woods. The Ouzoud also worth a visit and if you are fans of wellness, Fez has several spas in Immouzer and Moulay Yacoub.
During your stay, you have the choice between tradition and culture. Indeed, you can stay in hotels two to four star hotels located mostly in the New Town or in estuaries. These focus mainly on the side of the marina. In terms of price, the price is quite high, 60 EUR on average, but do not hesitate to compare the prices of stays and consult last minute deals to take advantage of cheap hotels. Consider including your hotel reservation in June, the month of the Sacred Music Festival.

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