Tourism in Fez

The medina of Fez universal heritage of humanity since 1981 and home to diverse crafts, is the most visited area of the region. That said, it is necessary to distinguish between three main tourist centers: the mountain area, spas and traditional towns.

The region has an exceptional historical heritage and handicrafts and architectural art distinguished. In addition to the tourist potential, Fès Boulemane region is the capital of hydrotherapy (Moulay Yakoub, Ain Allah …). Also the area has a nearby Middle Atlas (Ski Mountain Forest …) allowing it to assert its vocation excursion center. With a sizeable infrastructure, creation of new hotel units and tourist activities in the priority tourism development areas, catering guest houses in Fez and Sefrou also provides opportunities to exploiter.La North Central Region table the creation of 10,000 additional beds. It remains to note that regional efforts are focused on new niches such as cultural tourism, ecotourism and nature tourism. Theme tourism is also very popular.

The tourist infrastructure in the region is very rich and varied: hotels, inns, campsites, apartments, medinas place full of small trade and craftsmanship with its souk or kissarias, excursions to discover the natural environment of the region , natural activities and the historical and artistic heritage (medieval palaces, museums, mosques, …)
These décinnies, tourism has grown steadily (700,000 visitors per year) and has become an important economic factor. Fez offers cultural events such as the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music of the World aware of June each year. Many foreigners have settled in Fez and opened guesthouses.
In summary the tourist attractions of Fez are:
– Imperial City which boasts a millenary history.
– The impressive Fes medina has 3,000 streets, squares and passages, more than 5,400 shops forming several souks and 320 mosques.
– Weavers, goldsmiths, tanners, blacksmiths, woodworkers and other artisans that come alive every day in the medina form an almost unique special universe in the world.
– Cradle of the oldest university in the world ” Al Quaraouiyine ”.
– Spiritual capital of the kingdom.
– Capital crafts.
– Capital of hydrotherapy.
– Historical and Architectural Heritage.
– Proximity of the Middle Atlas.
– 18 hole golf course.
– Class 39 hotels in the region Fez Boulemane.
– 52 class guest houses in Fez.
– Annual Festival of Sacred Music of internationle notoriety.
– Various national festivities (musical, culinary …)
– Moussem Moulay Idriss.
– Eco tourism, congress tourism, spiritual tourism.
– In addition to its famous historical and religious sites, including the Quaraouyine mosque, mausoleum of Moulay Idriss and madrasahs, Fez medina has many riads and gardens, which are true architectural masterpieces.

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