Traveling to Fez : The Andalus’ street

In 789 Idris 1, descendant of Muhammad, founded the Kingdom of Morocco and began to build his capital on the right bank of the river Fez.
In 818, a Christian insurrection broke out in Andalusia and many families of Muslim notables took refuge in Morocco. Idriss II, son of Idris 1st, welcomes more than 1,000 families who also settle on the right bank. Finally, this area will soon take the name of Andalusian Quarter.

This cultural mix is excellent for the development of Fez. Indeed, the Andalusian Arabs brought with them their knowledge and artistic knowledge in addition to their experience of life in city. Buildings bloom and knowledge is spread throughout the city.

The walk in the Andalusian district is very pleasant. Slightly off the tourist track, this part of the medina is rather quiet. We note the two main monuments of the Andalusian district

Main mosque of the right bank of Fez, the Andalusian Mosque was built in the ninth century by Mariyam, the sister of Fatima el Fohriya, founder of the eternal rival, the mosque in Karouiyine. The Andalusian mosque was enlarged and embellished by most dynasties, particularly to counterbalance the influence and power to the mosque Karouiyine. Today, this remarkable monument is the highlight of the tour of the neighborhood.
Built in the fourteenth century, the madrasa Es Sahrij is the work of Prince Ali Abou el Hassan. This Koranic school is famous for its large pool located in the courtyard.

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