Traveling to Fez : Fez El Jadid

Fez el Jadid is a separate town stuck north of Fes el Bali, the old city. It was built in the thirteenth century by the dynasty of Mérinides who wanted to give the city a new dimension. And what size!
The objective Merinids is to build a fortified administrative town with mosques, barracks, markets, houses and a palace to house the rulers of the new dynasty. By itself, the Dar el Makhzen or Royal Palace covers nearly 80 hectares!
Visit Fez el Jadid

A must in Fez, especially as the foot ride lasts only 1 or 2 hours. A small comment is needed to convince you of the interest places. We recommend you take the huge square Alawites as a starting point.

Dar el Makhzen, literally the “royal palace”, spans an incredible field. It includes a mosque, a madrasah and a parade. Do not forget the huge gardens of Lalla Minna. Unfortunately, the site is closed to the public even if the king seems to open the palace doors to tourists in the near future. However, you can admire the magnificent portal harmoniously mixing the green tiles and blue ceramics of Fez.
In the shadow of the palace is the old mellah (Jewish quarter) probably founded in the sixteenth century. This area is sure to be one of the highlights of your trip.
The main artery is the rue Grande Merinids. One of the most beautiful houses of the street is the house of the Chief Rabbi. We can also visit the beautiful Danan Synagogue. Built in the seventeenth century, this high place of prayer in the city worth a visit, especially as entry is free. Continue on the street Merinids and cross the souk of jewelers.

You arrive at the Bab Smarine, the real entrance of Fez el Jadid. Admire the different arches of this huge door and walk into the Grande Rue of Fez el Jadid. Lined with lively souks, this street will lead you to mosques Jama Jama el Hamra y el Beida. At the end of the street stands the colossal Bab Dakene. This will extend to old méchouar to admire this ancient weapon instead.

Useful information

“Duration of the visit: 1h minimum. However, it would be wiser to devote half a day to take his time.

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