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Visit Fez
Fez is famous for its ancient walled city, which many compare to the walled city of Jerusalem, but also to have been over the centuries one of the leading cities of Islamic civilization. What more that has not already been said about Fez cultural capital of Morocco, medieval capital, oldest university in the world, the oldest Medina of the world, its famous tanneries so photogenic … it’s simple whole city is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. A cultural tour in Morocco so you know now or go ….
Around Fez you can also visit the ancient Roman site of Volubilis and Meknes.
accommodation and catering side, there are many restaurants and excellent street food stalls, especially near the Bab Boujloud. For sleeping you can choose between camping, youth hostel that offers dorm beds or beds on the terrace (Cascades Hotel) or a classic hotel, chic Riad is a must in the medina of Fez el-Bali .
Holiday hotels Fez corner to sleep
After endless hours of walking and discovery, we recommend that you relax in one of the beautiful Moroccan hotels known for the warm welcome and impeccable service whose staff showed:
-Hotel Sidi Harazem: Centre Sidi Harazem Sidi Harazem, Morocco 30205.
-Hotel JnaneSbile: 22 Kasbat Chems Boujloud, Fes, Morocco
-RiadKenza: 12 Derb Sefli RasJnan M├ędina, Fes, Morocco
-Riad Salam Fes: DouhBatha, Fes, Morocco.
culinary cuisine and specialties
The city of Fez is known as the Moroccan gastronomic city par excellence. One of his specialties is a variety of couscous said Seffa Medoufouna which is prepared with lamb meat, raisins and fines, where the procession varieties of tagines will ensue.
A stay in Fez is a great opportunity to discover the Moroccan gastronomy. The dishes are tasty. Spices and herbs are used subtly. At mealtime, Moroccans settled around a round coffee table taking place on cushions. They use three fingers (thumb, index, middle) with his right hand to bring food to the mouth. The flat, round bread is used as a fork.
Most exceptional flavors that so distinguishes the culinary art of Fez come from the alliance honey, cinnamon and nutmeg and the bitter orange and olive. Enjoy the excellent cuisine of Fez in one of these restaurants:
-The Mnebhi Palace: The palace Mnebhi now a luxury restaurant. Previously it was the place of resident Lyautey upon his arrival in 1912.
-Restaurant Hotel Merinids: Douar El Magta, Fez, Morocco.
-Riad Arabesque 20 Derb El Miter, Fes, Morocco.
Climate and geography
The best time to make your trip to Fez and Morocco in general is spring.
You can then enjoy the beautiful plains, beaches and mountains. The weather is mild during this season.

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