Voyage to Fez – Part 1

Fez Moroccan Arabic romantic, overlooking the twelve through fourteen centuries Gate, the most famous Bab al-Futuh, he launched the armies of conquest in the east, and it remained the flow Mehrjnat spiritual arts.

A city that tells the story of twelve centuries of history, still retain the charm as one of the romantic cities in the world, the unique geographical made it a link between Andalusia and the Arabs in the past, and provided it is scientifically and economically prosperous and culturally diverse unique.

Guarding the city’s towers or the first from the south, which is known today as the South Tower and the other is the north tower, and contributed two towers for centuries to protect the city from the northern invasion, the northern tower is called the tower fire for being housed first artillery brigade in the history of Morocco, as well as factory defender and the tower was used to fire the cannon breakfast in Ramadan. Derives tower designed castles Portuguese, and dates back to the sixteenth century, the day the Museum of conventional weapons, towers provides a different panoramic view of the city Bosoarha and gates, so that they look Fez, called today worn any old, surrounded by walls from all sides as if time had stopped.

UNESCO considered everything that is located inside the walls is part of the human heritage that should be preserved. Antique Fez built by Moulay Idriss II and wanted to be a city of science, city of modesty and tolerance between religions, and that is through the ages was the population of Fez and the people of Fez, always living with all comers to this city, both from Kairouan or from Egypt or from Iraq or from Andalusia north or even from Africa to the south come to this country, either for study because in the nineteenth century founded the first university in the world, namely the University of villagers founded by Fatima Afihrih in the year 859 AD.

The ancient city of Fez fourteen Baba ranging in size from small and large, as varied historical and tourist importance, including seven large doors characterized by its unique built and decorated with Moroccan Andalusian character. Some of the doors associated with the names of professions or places that lead to it, such as the iron door and the door that leads to Asamaran blacksmiths market. The Bab al-Futuh, be deemed to be one of the oldest of these doors has been gathered in the past and starting armies moving to the east point. The machine door and his name is taken from the firearms factory located behind it, today is used as a space somewhere old factory which is held annually Sacred Music Festival. Burned door or the door of the law and called Bamahrouk for being witnessed several bloody and painful events that have passed in the history of the city, and the arches were burning or destruction of, or anti rebels. The city of Fez of the few global metropolises that still retain the old character, although it was established since twelve but still retains the old Basmadtha. In order to discover the old city and its world magician we have to get through one of the doors, we have chosen the door of Abu leather or, as she likes to be called the people of Fez Boujeloud is larger doors and still retains Bzachrvath make and model of architectural uniqueness. What this gate pass so you just get a feeling that time has returned back to many centuries ago There are no cars or modern transportation and appearances of old urban still strongly present.

To be continued …

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